Why we’re different

  1.  Because the majority of our candidates are employed, they need a highly-reputable advisor they trust, to present your opportunity, and get them to consider a career move.
  2. Sapphire Health Group has the ability to reach an extensive network of quality contacts, who we’ve created invaluable and trusting relationships with over 10+ years in the search industry.
  3. Andréa Venezio, our C.E.O., has been sought out as a subject matter expert!
    She’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and has been named one of the “Top Industry Leaders to Know” for several years.
  4. We don’t passively rely on ads to find the best candidate! Because truly quality individuals are too busy doing their jobs to read job postings, our cold-call approach is our main avenue of uncovering those individuals. And when you’re looking for the type of high-performing candidates that you deserve, we’d rather call to find these potential employees, than post an ad and see what comes through our inbox.
  5. With a proven history of success in the search industry, Sapphire Health Group is confident that we can fill your organization with the best talent the market has to offer, and we have no doubt that we can assist your organization in achieving new levels of growth!

It’s clear, that there is no executive search firm like Sapphire Health Group, and we’d welcome the opportunity to use all of our tools, to give you the national “reach” every client desires.