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How Can A Simple Hand Gesture Create Trust In The Workplace?

How Can a Simple Hand Gesture Create Trust in the Workplace?

Would you believe this simple hand gesture has the ability to create a workplace filled with trust and respect?

Well, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry, it does!

His theory that “An Open Hand and Palm Creates Trust in the Workplace” is based on an employee policy at LEGOLAND, that says whenever someone asks where something is, the employee must “present” (open-palm gesture) their directions instead of “pointing” towards the direction.

In his article, “10 Harmless Mind Tricks That Make People Like You” Dr. Bradberry feels this simple hand gesture will make more people agree with what you’re saying and allow you to be perceived as more friendly and likable. Whereas, “pointing, is generally seen as aggressive and rude.”

Considering, TRUST IS ONE OF THE MAIN COMPONENTS TO RETAINING GREAT EMPLOYEES and Employee Retention is one of the hardest things we face as leaders today, it only makes sense this would work.

Its basic human nature to want all of your questions heard and answered, regardless of your role in the workforce, and if this minor adjustment can convey that without words, why wouldn’t we all adopt this policy and extend a hand to guide someone in the right direction, instead of pointing a finger to get them out of your way??

Go ahead, try it out!! Let us know what a difference it makes in your everyday working environment!

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