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Is Hiring A Recruiter Really Worth It?

Is Hiring a Recruiter Really Worth It?

At one point in your career, it’s bound to happen…you need to hire someone! So, you start comparing if you should post your jobs online, or work with an industry-expert recruiter to help fill the role.

They both cost money, but the differences between the two are tremendous, and there are many benefits to working with an industry-expert recruiter like myself, that may not have crossed your mind.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Hiring a Recruiter is Absolutely Worth It! 

1. Save TIME and MONEY!  An industry-expert recruiter will know the right people to call, and the right questions to ask! They will also only send you the candidates who have the right experience and fit in your salary range! Which means, you get to focus on your full-time job, while recruiters like myself, sift through the candidates that don’t fit what you’re looking for.

2. Access Candidates you Won’t Find Posting a Job Online! Great candidates don’t apply for jobs online for 2 reasons: (1) They are employed and don’t want their boss to find out and (2) They’re happy and not actively searching for a new job.  However, an industry-expert recruiter like myself will proactively call candidates and discuss your opportunity with them, which allows you to access to candidates who would’ve never seen a job posted online, and wouldn’t otherwise be open to considering your opportunity.  Because, the really good candidates, aren’t going to feel comfortable enough to submit their information online. They need a call from a recruiter they trust, to tell them about an opportunity that they would’ve never known about otherwise.

3. You Look Good in Front of your Competitors! We all know this industry is small, and having a friendly competitor next door, is always a good idea! And hiring an industry-expert recruiter is a great way to talk with candidates who work for your direct competitor and recruit those individuals from that company, without the appearance that you’re trying to steal their people. Not to mention, the candidates working for those competitors feel more secure working with us, than they would if they applied directly to you.

So, if you truly want to find the Best Available Talent the market has to offer, hiring a recruiting firm like ours is the best way to go!

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