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The Wackiest Interview Questions Ever Asked!

The Wackiest Interview Questions Ever Asked!

As an executive recruiter for over 12 years, I’ve heard about some pretty kooky interview questions. But I can assure you that these absolutely take the cake! And to think they were asked…during an interview!

So sit back and enjoy, the most bizarre, thought-provoking, and just plain wacky, interview questions ever asked.

Top 13 Craziest Interview Questions Ever Asked:

  1. “A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?” ~Asked by a construction company to an engineering candidate
  2. “What song best describes your work ethic?” ~ Asked by a computer company to a sales candidate
  3. “If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be, and why?” ~Asked by an internet company to a marketing candidate
  4. “Imagine yourself as the head chef of a popular restaurant and your team has been selected to be on the TV show ‘Iron Chef’. How do you prepare your team for the competition, and how do you leverage the competition for your restaurant?” ~Asked by a consulting company to a business analyst candidate
  5. “Name 3 previous Nobel Prize Winners?” ~Asked by an insurance company to an office manager candidate
  6. “How would you direct someone on how to cook an omelet?” ~Asked by a Retail Pet Chain to an analyst candidate
  7. “Pick 2 celebrities as your parents” ~Asked by a clothing company to a sales candidate
  8. “How would people communicate in a perfect world?” ~Asked by a technology company to a software engineer candidate
  9. “What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?” ~Asked by a marketing research firm to an associate analyst candidate
  10. “How would you rate your memory?” ~Asked by a hotel chain to a front desk candidate
  11. “If we came for dinner, what would you prepare for us?” ~Asked by a grocery chain to a crew candidate
  12. “Estimate how many windows are in New York?” ~Asked by a law firm to an associate consulting candidate
  13. “On a scale from 1-10, rate me as an interviewer” ~Asked by a food distributing company to a general laborer candidate

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